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Use our self-service platform to create your branded Chrome extension in less than 2minutes. No development or design skills needed.

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Get beautiful custom landing page and banners to embed in your website or post in your Email list, social pages or anywhere else.

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Enjoy daily engaged users flowing from the extension to your website. On average, an extension user will be re-directed to your website once a day.

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Users that install your chrome extention
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Beautiful Smartphone Apps

Once you create a Chrome Extension, a set of beautiful mobile apps for Android and iOS is automatically generated by NewsTab. So, you can offer your users native, fully branded, smartphone apps, at zero cost and effort.

Free forever!

It’s a straightforward win-win partnership. You get beautiful, branded Chrome extension to leverage your RSS feed into a powerful traffic and engagement booster (stories are linked to your website) and we get exposure to new users. The use of the service and the apps you create are completely free and no license fees are involved. For more details, please visit our Publisher Terms.

About NewsTab

NewsTab is a single place to follow the news you care about from any news source or topic.

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