NewsTab is a smart newsreader that finds the best stories in any news feeds you follow. It bridges the gap between modern news apps (smart and beautiful, but closed with limited coverage of news sources and regions), and open RSS tools (which support any RSS feed, but have limited intelligences and a geeky, "inbox like" UX). NewsTab is the only service that combines an intuitive RSS catalog (we index and tag millions of feeds in over 130 regions and languages worldwide), with smart news surfacing algorithms. All with intuitive and slick UI.

NewsTab was launched in October 2016 and supports all major platforms (Web, Android app, iOS app, Chrome app and Chrome extension). The product received great feedback from users and bloggers and quickly became one of the top newsreaders in the industry.

NewsTab is fully owned by Skyter Technologies Ltd., and is the only activity of the Company. Skyter is owned and managed by Arnon Catalan, an accomplished entrepreneur who previously co-founded / lead Screenovate (a leader in smartphone virtualization) and Gteko (acquired by Microsoft in 2006). Arnon also headed Microsoft’s PC Health product group. The company raised $1.5M in seed financing from top angel investors.